What is Mechanical Engineering?

mechanical-engineeringMechanical engineering is an employment opportunity that provides graduates with the ability to design and create small separate parts and gadgets such as inkjet printer nozzles and microscale sensors to huge systems such as machine tools and spacecraft.

What Does a Mechanical Engineer Do?

An engineer in this field has to take his employer’s idea or his/her own and put it on the market. For the engineer to accomplish this, he/she must have the knowledge of the forces as well as the thermal environment of an item including any subsystems that the item will encounter, the parts, and then design the items for looks as well as functionality so it will hold up against the environment that it will be introduced to and then figure out the most plausible way to create the item or items as well as ensure each item will work properly and not fail.

Employment Opportunities for Mechanical Engineers

There is a wide range of employment options for an individual that has received a degree in mechanical engineering.

These industries include:

  • Automotive which can include the chassis, sensors, transmission, and engine
  • Aerospace such as spacecraft, airplane control systems, engines for aircraft, and airplanes
  • Biotechnology like pharmaceutical for their fluidic systems, prosthetic devices, and implants
  • Electronics and Computers such as micropower generation, actuators, sensors, microelectromechanical systems, semiconductor tools, cooling systems, printers, and disk drives
  • Energy conversions like fuel cells, solar energy, wind turbines, and gas turbines
  • Environmental control such as compressors, refrigeration, air conditioning, and HVAC
  • Automation like control, recognition, image acquisition, data acquisition, and robots
  • Manufacturing such as microfabrication, prototyping, machine tools, and machining

Salary for Mechanical Engineers

In the United States of America, the salary for an entry level mechanical engineer is between $48,750 and $81,000. The average salary is around $63,000. In order to achieve a larger salary, you would need a higher degree in mechanical engineering instead of a bachelor’s degree and have several years of experience.