What is Electrical Engineering?

electrical-engineeringElectrical Engineering is a field that works with the technology of electricity. Engineers jobs detail working with several different systems, devices, and components which include generators for power stations and even microchips.

What Does an Electrical Engineer Job Entail?

These engineers design, create, test, and manage the creation of electrical devices like equipment for power generation, communications systems, radar systems, navigation systems, and electric motors. They also design and create items under the category of communication and broadcast system such as GPS and portable music players.

In most cases for our society today, the electrical gadgets and systems are created using different components like transistors, diodes, inductors, capacitors, resistors, switches, batteries, magnets, coils, and conductors.

Education Requirements to Become an Electrical Engineer

In order to become an electrical engineer, you will need at the bare minimum a bachelor’s degree in engineering. Some employers will also ask that you be state certified from the IEEE or IET. In order to achieve a management position, you will need a master’s degree. To get to higher positions, you will still need to keep up to date which means ongoing education so you know the advances in technology, government regulations, computer software, computer hardware, and testing equipment.

Jobs and Salaries for Electrical Engineers

Electrical engineers are usually working in development and research industries, in manufacturing, for the federal government, and in manufacturing companies like traffic control, telecommunications, components, computers, lighting, construction of commercial facilities, consumer electronics, defense, aerospace, railroad, marine, and automotive. The federal government will hire electrical engineers in such areas as national laboratories, military labs, and transportation departments.

An engineer in this field with a bachelor’s degree received a salary between $55,570 and $73,908 as of July, 2014. With a doctorate or master’s degree and at least five years’ experience in the field, the salary was between $74,000 to $108,640. For engineers that had fifteen years of experience and up had salaries between $97,434 and $138,296.