What is Civil Engineering?

civil-engineeringCivil engineering is a job in which the engineer designs, builds, manages, operates, and maintains systems in the private sector, systems in the public sector, construction projects. The projects can include such things as sewage treatment, water supply systems, bridges, dams, tunnels, airports, buildings, and roads. Several of these types of engineers find employment in education, research, construction, and design.

What are the responsibilities of Civil Engineers?

  • Study long range goals, maps, examine reports and all other data to ensure the plans of projects
  • Study costs of construction, possible environmental risks, government regulations along with anything that is involved in the various stages of planning as well as analyzing for any risks
  • Accumulate and submit applications for permits the proper local, state, and federal agencies, authenticating that projects conform with different regulations
  • Do or manage the testing of the soil to learn the tolerability and strength of foundations
  • Test all materials that will be used in the building project like steel, asphalt, or concrete for every project
  • Deliver estimates for the cost of labor, equipment, and materials to learn if the construction job is economically feasibility
  • Utilize design software to help in planning and designing structures, hydraulic systems, and transportation systems to ensure they meet government and industry standards.
  • Do or manage surveying operations so they can decide on grades, reference points, and elevations to aid in guiding the construction
  • Provide all findings to the general public on all topics such as descriptions of the property, environment impact, and bid proposals.
  • Supervise the maintenance, repair, and replacement of private and public infrastructure
  • Examine projects to ensure are in compliance with regulations.
  • Ensure that all employees are practicing safe work habit on all construction projects.

Civil Engineers Salaries

In the spring of 2014, the average salary for this type of engineer was $82,050. A few of these engineers received lower or higher wages dependent on the industry there were working. The lowest salary was $74,030 for building commercial construction and the highest salary was for the federal government not counting those working for the postal service.