What is Automobile Engineering?

automobile-engineeringAutomobile engineering is a field of engineering that has to do with research and design on machines and systems for automobiles. The main goal of a person in this position is to take full advantage of the design and probability of automobiles while keeping the cost down.

What Do Automobile Engineers Do?

This type of engineer has blueprints or drawings for designs and then uses mathematical and physical principles in order to make sure the plans are viable. After the engineer has completed the planning via research, the plans will be changed to link the plans with research that is available.

After this, the design part begins. The engineer must create the product using their research and their plans. While this design part is being done, they are the one that manages the process of manufacturing the product and always have to ensure to pay close attention to every detail to ensure the design will be viable.

Now that the product is complete, the engineer starts the hardest part of their job. He or she must test the product. Every component of the car will be examined to ensure that it functions properly in every condition in the safest and most secure manner. Along with all this, the engineer must also estimate the materials and production costs along with being up to date on safety regulations.

Education Requirements

In most cases, you can achieve a job as an automobile engineer with a bachelor’s degree in automobile engineering, however, a master’s degree will provide you a better advantage.

Salary for Automotive Engineer’s

In the United States, the salary for this type of engineer is between $41,492 and $104,060. The average annual earnings are around $69,000. However, this type of engineer can also expect bonuses very close to $10,000 per year along with profit sharing which can be from $103.00 to nearly $13,000.