Studies within Chemical Engineering at Uni.

A research in engineering and applied chemical sciences provide students a powerful combination of skills. Chemical engineering students will take advantage of independent research and learning collaborations within the institution as well as industry partners. Combining chemistry, biology, math and engineering allows students to solve urgent problems through research to create innovative systems and dynamic products. Students will be immersed into an environment that allows them to address issues that have a large impact on society. Decreasing environmental footprints, developing sustainability and improving health is at the forefront of research.

shutterstock_231707173Explore boundaries in Chemical Engineering

Students will have future opportunities to explore boundaries in biomedical & bioprocess engineering, sustainable energy, waste water treatment, and environmental engineering as well as research projects! Designing, building, and improving procedures and techniques are practised as students will have access to laboratories with state of the art industrial equipment. Students are able to make use of new technologies as well as traditional unit operations of chemical engineering like reactors, dryers, packed beds, and distillation towers as an integral part of Chemical Engineering studies. Chemical engineering is worth pursuing in an university. If you want more motivation to enrol into a course at the university, look at websites like

Chemical Engineers are Distinguished Chemists

Out of all engineering disciplines, Chemical Engineering is the singular most versatile discipline as it combines principles of engineering as well as the sciences of chemistry, biology and physics. A dynamic area of study focuses on the importance of biotechnology, biochemical, environmental, and polymer engineering. Advanced and essential technologies are studied and manufactured to explore and create innovative products. With the arrival of technological convenience, improving system modeling, computer simulation and control are becoming an essential function of chemical engineering studies. Chemical engineers will remain in demand over the next few decades providing a fundamental understanding of science and mathematics.