Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering

electronics-and-telecommunication-engineeringElectronics and Telecommunication Engineering is the branch that designs different telecommunications devices such as radio links, routers, switches, and modems. In most cases, electronics and telecommunication engineers must also create test prototypes of integrated circuit components. It is also the responsibility of these engineers to enhance their employer’s telecommunication systems performance along with creating new systems for telecommunication, manage the systems, and supervise all of the projects associated with telecommunication and electronics.

Main Courses to Become an Electronics and Telecommunication Engineer

According to the college you attend, in the majority of cases, the main courses for a bachelor’s degree will include:

  • Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Engineering Drawing
  • Applied Chemistry
  • Engineering Mechanics
  • Electrical Networks
  • Microprocessors and Microcontrollers
  • Principle of Communication Engineering
  • Applied Physics
  • Digital Logic Design
  • Computer Programming
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Optical Fiber Communication
  • Fundamentals of Microwave Engineering
  • Electromagnetic Wave Theory
  • Discrete-Time Signal Processing
  • Industrial Economic and Telecom Regulation
  • Advance Microwave Engineering
  • Electronic Instrumentation
  • Principles of Control Systems

Employment Opportunities for Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers

There are several different fields of employment for a person that has achieved a degree as an Electronics and Telecommunication Engineer which can include industries that manufacture communication and electronic systems, electronic exchanges, commercial companies that offers repair and maintenance of computers or electronics, the Department of Telecommunications, companies that manufacture computers, companies that manufacture electronic devices, sales executives, marketing executives, research, teaching, broadcasting networks, telecommunications, and semiconductor companies.

Salary for Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers

In the United States of America, according to your education and your experience in the field, you can expect a salary between $47,589 and $107,765. The average salary is around $73,000 per year. Of course, you can always up your salary by obtaining a master’s degree in the field which will open up higher paying jobs than the average salary.