About Us at Fedponam Engineers

As you browse through our pages you will learn more about the various fields of Polytechnic Engineering, so you can make a better decision on which career option is best for you, in order to provide you with a satisfying work life.

What is Polytechnic Engineering?

This is kind of a hard question to answer as engineering is comprised of many different fields. Oversimplifying, though, we can say that it is the highest learning degree in the field, so to speak.

The most common as well as the ones that are more in demand today for our society include computer engineering, information technology engineering, Electronics and telecommunication engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, automobile engineering, and chemical engineering.

The Pages of Fedponam Engineers

This website will introduce you to each of the above-mentioned polytechnic engineering jobs, which will explain the most in demand polytechnic engineering jobs.

We will answer the following questions and shed light on these topics:

  • What is Computer Engineering?
  • What is Information Technology Engineering?
  • Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering
  • What is Electrical Engineering?
  • What is Mechanical Engineering?
  • What is Civil Engineering?
  • What is Automobile Engineering?
  • What is Chemical Engineering?

The pages will go more in-depth as to not only what the field entails but some of the requirements to obtain the degree and even what you would be doing if you choose the area of polytechnic engineering. Understanding more about these fields in the engineering field will give you a better understanding of which path you wish to pursue, career-wise. Engineering is a wide field and this website only touches on the branches that are more in demand today. However, there are several others you may choose instead if these do not seem to fit your dream career.